Eastwatch Ruins

Eastwatch was a bustling little town with a promising fur and timber trade, except it lacked the population or the financial backing to survive after the first few years of the Spellplague. Once the forces of the Abyss poured out of the Dunwood all who remained fled to Uthmere, forced to leave their homes and possessions behind.

The town, or what remains of it, is relatively small and sits within three acres of the dense Forest of Lethyr. Eastwatch is a two-day walk (45 miles) east-northeast of Uthmere and at its closest, is 12 miles southeast of the Great Road. Before the Spellplague it served as an outpost on the border of the forest to guard against more aggressive Daelen and Circle of Leth. In fact in its infancy (140 years ago) it was just a large 60 foot square-tower of stone. Back then the woods hadn’t overgrown the area and the western Dale could be seen for miles in every direction. In the last century the druids reclaimed much of the region with several rituals that promoted the westward growth of the forest.

The Nentyar Hunters used to have patrol routes near the ruins that kept some of the more organized threats from gaining a foothold there. However, with each passing year more and more of the druidic forces are sent eastward to protect the greater interests of the Dale. It’s been years since the official patrol was sent to the ruins, but there have been plenty of small Nentyar strike-forces who use hit-and-run tactics on the creatures who live there. They have reported a significant goblinoid presence in and around the Eastwatch tower as well as several recently dug holes just south of town. The holes were never explored and the smell emanating from them was described as being “putrid”. A few human-sized people have been seen coming and going every few days or weeks, depending on the time of year.

Most of the 20-some-odd buildings are in complete disrepair. Several have been reduced to their foundations, roofs rotting away, and walls broken down. There are a few that have survived the century, possibly due to better construction, not least of which is the Eastwatch tower itself. The only damage inflicted to the tower is from the goblins themselves, they kicked out the west-facing wall on the third floor so that they could look down upon the town. There are almost always goblin archers stationed up on the third floor, raining arrows on anything that they can see.

Eastwatch Ruins

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