The Daelen are those who live in the more central and eastern regions of the Great Dale. They consider Uthmere to be an unfriendly place of grasping, ambitious folk (“coin-rakers”) who want to swallow up the entire Dale for their gardens and ranches. Since the disbanding they consider the Uthmaar to be selfish individuals who used the Circle and the Dale to their economic advantage. The Daelen strongly dislike how the city-dwellers and merchants are encroaching upon their lands annexing whatever they chose to. This view is also shared by the druidic Circle of Leth, who promote and spread it throughout the region.

For the most part the Daelen are honest, hardworking folk who simply want the outside world to leave them alone while they recover from the demonic onslaught at the turn of the century. Most are goat herders and shepherds who live near the borders of the forest of Lethyr, but some live on fertile soil and farm simple vegetables that can resist the region’s climate.

They are a mix of Chondathan, Nar, Theskian, and more recently, Impilturian blood. The bloodlines of ancient Narfell can be found in some of the older clanholds of the region. These “pure” bloodlines spark some of the conflicts with the Impiltur colonists as they try to settle further east. These confrontations often lead to bloodshed, forcing newcomers to find lands that do not encroach upon Daelen holdings.

Clanholds often hold 5-10 Daelen families and most are friendly towards the Nentyarch, the Circle of Leth, and his Nentyar hunters. Information is passed from Nentyarch to Daelen through the second order of the Circle who control the Nentyar hunters. The hunters then act as liaison and inform the clan leaders of any news.

Within these clanholds barter is preferred to coin when it comes to trading as the Daelen often find that, “coins are too easy to lose.”


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