Uthmere’s city guard whom the genasi, Edna Quellinghunter, captains. She and her guard are in charge of the safety of the city and its immediate surroundings. Spread more or less evenly within the city, with their heaviest patrol routes being the Waterfront, Market Town, and Hightowers. Patrols on horseback are sent up and down the major highways leading in and out of Uthmere to a distance of 30 miles. With a few outposts scattered along these roads that aid in protecting local logging camps, quarries, farmsteads and the Richan Wall.

After the completion of the Richan Wall legislation was drafted by Lord Richan Uthlain stating that by law, all children must join the city guard at the age of 16 and remain within its rank for at least three years. The Uthlain takes protection seriously—with a population of ~3500 citizens, 350-400 of them are part of the city guard with half of that number on duty at any given time. Watching gates, walls, towers, and patrolling city districts and roads.

Within the city they sound fluted horns four times a day to let the residents know the time. First Braze is blown two hours after dawn. Second Braze is blown 20 minutes after First Braze to sound the opening of shops. The Third Braze is blown at midday. With the final Fourth Braze being sounded at dusk and signals the end of the working day.

Harming another person, blocking streets, or throwing anything at another person or animal will attract Cudgel fines. These fines are payable on the spot without trial. If you cannot pay you are written up, and the document (called a vaerance, or “blood sheet” to most) that is given them is a statement of the fine, date and reason. Also includes the name of the Cudgel levying the fine. If one is under a vaerance they cannot legally leave the city. **


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