Circle of Leth


An organization of druids who rule the forests of Great Dale in a three-tiered council. Members and close allies of the Circle go farther in their distrust and anger toward Uthmere than their Daelen neighbours. They hate the stonewalled city and want it reduced to the small fishing village that it once was over 200 years ago. There is almost a collective regret of helping the city during the reign of Lord Richan. They see the Uthlain, lordlain and emerging noble class of Uthmere as a thieving, greedy force that is acting to despoil the land in order to build a great kingdom and an even greater fortune. The disbanding was on good terms but after many years of fighting and defending against the demonic forces of the Dunwood, the lack of help offered by the Impiltur colonists has left the members of the Circle bitter toward the city and its people.

The Circle is one of the most powerful druidic hierarchies in all-Faerun, the organization is comprised of a series of ruling councils who serve a single ruler called the Nentyarch (usually the most powerful druid). The Circle is served by a strong society of rangers, scouts, and warriors called the “Nentyar hunters”—who carry out the commands of the druid circle and serve as its military.

The Circle of Leth comprises three concentric rings, forming orders. Five high druids make up the first ring, standing just below the Nentyarch. The high druids advise the ruler of the Circle and are teachers and mentors to those below them.

Nine druid masters make up the second ring and are the most active in searching out threats to the forest and the Dale, they command the Nentyar hunters and advise the Daelen clanholds. Currently, several are engaged in a desperate battle with the demon lords who were once imprisoned under the forests and plains of Dunwood and the eastern Dale. The chaos spread by the spellplague dissolved the arcane seals and wards that held these creatures at bay for centuries, now these terrible aberrations are free to roam the countryside. Over one hundred years ago an entity known as the Rotten Man amassed blightlords and rotting husks of undead creatures in order to further corrupt the ruins and forest surrounding the ancient capital of Narfell, [[Dun-Tharos]]. They haven’t been seen in years, but it is believed they still reside near or within the ruins.

The third ring of the Circle has the greatest number of druids, mostly initiates, low-ranking druids and novices who help the Nentyar hunters and apprentice themselves to a high druid or druid master.

With Circle forces still to this day fighting on multiple fronts and dealing with several threats from within the forests, this has left openings and weaknesses in their defences. The Shadowmasters of Telflamm and Uthmere are becoming increasingly hostile toward the druids of the Circle and the Nentyar hunters who dwell in the western regions of the Dale.

Circle of Leth

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