Table of Contents
  • Civic District
  • Hightowers
  • Market Town
  • North Ward
  • Shadow Streets
  • Silverstone Streets
  • The Grove
  • Small Dock
  • Uthmere Keep

Civic District

The civic district is the seat of civil government in Uthmere. Nearly everyone who works in this district earns a living by working for or with the lordlain in some official capacity. Clerical work, pages, messengers, and representatives all serve the needs of the lordlain and Lord Richard Uthlain. Along these streets stands the council hall, offices for some lordlain and their workers, the Halls of Justice and Storaungh Square. There are some high-end shops and warehouses interspersed throughout the area. This district is illuminated by street lanterns and kept very clean. Carriages and city officials fill the streets on their way to meetings and offices, or making deliveries.


These are the estates of lordlain, wealthy merchants, and officials. Most buildings have well-tended lawns and gardens enclosed by a gated wall or fence, complete with their own private guard. The wide streets are well-lit with lanterns and the cobblestone is much cleaner here than in the rest of the city. The streets are lined with carriages, servants running errands and of course, the city guard. The guard are here to send away anyone who doesn’t live or belong in Hightowers, stopping everyone who lacks the refined look of the wealthy and questions them about their intentions and itinerary.

Market Town

This district is divided into three major areas that cover about a fifth of the city. Not only are shops found here but also warehouses, some lodges and halls, open-air markets and residences.

The smallest is located near Southgate, it is called South Market. The buildings here primarily deal with metal work and the sale of arms and wears fashioned from it. Southgate Square is home to a very large produce market from the farmers surrounding Uthmere. Several dozen stalls with all manner of fruit, vegetables, and grains can be found there.

The Bell Market is directly south and south-east of Belltower Square, it is used as a make-shift central storage for many businesses as well as a granary for the city’s excess food stores. Belltower Square is a bustling all-market that sells every manner of good and equipment.

East of Bell Market is the Dale Market, the first area of the city actually devoted to trade. Some of the oldest shops can be found here including “Drydan the Beastmaster” and “Maps and More”. The Dalegate Square is primarily used for livestock and animal auctions. Anything from house pets to horses to farm animals can be bought here for the right price. These animals are kept in cages if they are small enough, otherwise portable wooden fences enclose the livestock to keep them from wandering the streets.

North Ward

This is the largest residential district in Uthmere. It houses a majority of the middle to upper-middle class that live and work within the city. The buildings here stand four stories tall and were constructed with apartment-style rooms that house between four to six families. The streets, like most in Uthmere, are relatively clean and free of garbage but the smell of so many people living so closely together is very noticeable.

Shadow Streets

They’re a slum for beggars, the sick and sorely injured, the coinless, addicts, and all manner of tattercoats—and even the Cudgels go there only in great force. The presence and organizing influence of the Shadowmasters has made the lower class of the Shadow Streets bold.

The streets here are an even mixture of broken cobblestone and packed dirt. Men and women lie in the open street, huddle against walls or squatting under whatever feeble shelters they can manage. This was the poorer neighbourhood even before the Shadowmasters took it over, but since their arrival they have reduced this neighbourhood to ruins. Broken buildings sorely in need of repair are common in this corner of Uthmere. Several tiles are missing from roofs, some of the windows are broken or missing completely, as are the doors, and the god awful stench of human filth hangs in the still air.

This district is incredibly dangerous and people who enter uninvited rarely come out again. Often time Cudgel task forces are sent in two or even three dozen strong to go looking for the missing person and find nothing but ruined buildings and the destitute.

Silverstone Streets

The smaller of the two residential areas in the city. This section of the city was last to be repaired and rebuilt by the Silverstone brothers in 1475 DR. In honour of their hard work and dedication to restoring Uthmere, Lord Uthlain named this corner of the city after the dwarven brothers. The apartment-style housing is smaller here with most standing 3 stories tall with a handful of 4 story buildings. Most residents stay indoors during the hours after fourth braze, as they fear being mugged or kidnapped—living so close to the Shadow Streets.

The Grove

Directly north-east of Hightowers is Uthmere’s public park that covers approximately 30,000 square-feet. It is a mixed array of oak, fir, cedar, and pine trees that are fed by a steady stream of water pumped in from the Dalestream before it enters the city. There are some artificially landscapped hills and rocky outcroppings that give it a more natural feel. The water that courses over the rocks and through the grove eventually feeds into cobblestone gutters that weave through the city cleaning away an accumulated debris and waste.

Lord Reginald Uthlain buried the remains of two stone giants in a small clearing in the thicket. Atop this large mound sit three rough-hewn stone markers, the third giant’s body was never found.

There are rumours of secret meetings and dealings that take place here in the darkness of the woods. The Cudgels don’t patrol it and the wild growth covers a fairly large area of land, hindering any unwanted attention.

Lastly, in the centre of the woods sits a rough hewn boulder engraved with the image of a leaf. This humble shrine to Silvanus was carved by a druid from the Circle of Leth years ago. It reminds member druids that come to the stone city that one day nature will reclaim it, starting from this grove.

Small Dock

Built on the southern side of the Dalestream, due west of the Silverstone Streets, is a small wharf separated from the Waterfront proper. There are a few warehouses surrounding it and is generally used for importing and exporting ores, tools, weaponry, armour, and foodstuffs. As these goods are primarily bartered, sold, and used in this southern part of the city. When the smithies have extra wares they need to get rid of the trade vessels gladly sell their fine crafts in Impiltur, Aglarond and even as far away as Sembia.

The Waterfront

This large harbour is the lifeblood of Uthmere’s economy. Several ships come and go every week exchanging all manner of goods for the plentiful raw materials of the Great Dale. The Waterfront air is permeated with the smell of fresh fish, rotten fish, fish on ice, and vendors selling fried fish.

Crowds of onlookers often form around the piers of approaching trade vessels to watch the speed and expertise the labourers display while unloading its cargo. The dock workers are proud of their hard work and usually put on a show for their audience, in fact many a ship’s captain have happily paid the dock master more than required because of the professionalism displayed by his workers.

This district usually has a strong Cudgel presence during the day and once the fourth braze is sounded they stand guard outside any ships that are still moored here. There is usually some form of small-time criminal activity in and around the docks. Be it Shadowmasters or petty thieves, this is where the bulk of foreign trade occurs and everyone wants a piece of it.

Uthmere Keep

The highlands of the north western corner of Uthmere are home to Lord Uthlain and his large three-winged keep. The keep faces south and stands 5 stories high, it’s three wings point east, west, and north from the centre of the building. Each wing is built 100 feet long by 80 feet wide.

To the immediate northeast and west of the keep are two buildings that serve as lodging and storage for the city guard who permanently stand watch over this district. There are guards patrolling the perimeter of this enclosed section of the city, with a dozen sentries posted at its massive wooden gates.

To the southwest are [Richard Uthlain]’s stables that shelter his carriages and horses.


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