Richard Uthlain

The tenth in a long line of Uthlain that have ruled Uthmere for the last 300 years, before them the Uthrain ruled since the city’s founding back in the early 7th century. He is a slender 56-year-old man of 6’0”, white hair and dark brown eyes. Most citizens think he is a kind and just man who has the best interests of his city at heart. Unfortunately the Uthmaar feel his recent decisions reflect just how out of touch he is starting to become with his citizens.

He does what he must, sometimes in secret, to protect Uthmere from threats against his city and those lurking in its alleyways. Sometimes making unpopular laws or vetoing court rulings, but his people still stand behind him for what he and his father did to resurrect Uthmere.

The weight of the crown is starting to press on him and he feels as if Uthmere is caught in the middle of a three front war between the Circle of Leth, the Shadowmasters, and the emerging nobility. He’s beginning to find it increasingly difficult to deny Lady Murove and the rest of her nobles their desires, much to the dismay of the middle-class citizenry of Uthmere. Those “wealthy enough” to become nobility number two to three hundred and are becoming more and more influential within this small enclosed city. Uthlain shares the desire for expansion with them and sees their monetary backing and ventures as the most effective route to advance his kingdom.

He has a strong dislike for the druids in the Circle of Leth as they prevented Uthmere’s expansion into the Great Dales years ago. In his eyes, they also abandoned his people on the Richan Wall, forcing the Uthmaar to fall back to the city. He knows he can’t expand too aggressively, lest he start a major conflict with the powerful druids. So he and Aydi Zaristian move slowly, as to not incite an all out war with the rest of the country, as the Circle do unofficially rule everything outside of Uthmere. The Dale is a dangerous place now, as he well knows, and the Circle are dealing with the greater threats looming in the deep woodlands of this land and cannot spare the resources they would like. Giving Uthmere the opportunity to slowly push its boundaries while the druids battle the demonic forces of ancient Narfell.

Fortunately for the Nentyarch and Daelen, Uthlain’s greatest concern at the moment is with the Shadowmasters that have moved up from Telflamm. The syndicate have been poisoning his city with deceit and lawlessness ever since they arrived. He subverts them by undercutting their coin and gem conversion with fair prices and rather than extortion and delivers severe punishments to those fool enough to get caught by his Cudgels. He knows they plan to subvert his throne and he has taken steps toward infiltrating their numbers. He has hired adventurers in the past who have experience in such matters but none have lasted long enough to pull any useful information out of this shadow organization.

Richard Uthlain

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